Scots in Oman!  The Last Hurrah

CELEBRATING a decade of Great Highland Balls AROUND THE WORLD


We never imagined that what was going to be a one-off Northern Meeting abroad would become a series of journeys, each greater than the next,  as we traveled from Vienna, Venice,  Istanbul, Jodhpur and Jaipur in Rajasthan and Florence.  

The Sultanate of Oman will be our Last Hurrah.  Why?  Oman has wild mountains and windswept sands and pristine beaches, but it's deeper than that.  Oman's beloved Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the longest serving leader in the Arab world, was in the Cameronians after Sandhurst and rose to power in the 1970s with the support of the British.  Since then he has run a unified, stable and peaceful country that is infused with his love of classical music and military pipe bands.  The Omani are warm people who enjoy a unique connection with Scotland.  Scots in Oman! wants to celebrate this relationship in the one way we know how:  to reel.

With a Highland Ball at the UK Ambassador's Residence overlooking the azure Gulf of Oman, a private invitation to the Omani Tattoo, dhow rides, tours, pageantry, camels, Arabian horses and a ceilidh in the desert, this will be the experience of a lifetime. 

We equally celebrate the generosity of our partners below, without which this magical event could never happen.